The Staking Machine

The Staking Machine 2.0

Sports Betting Staking Plan Package - Bet Tracker and Staking Plan Optimiser
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The Staking Machine or TSM for short is your essential betting tool to manage all your sports betting needs. It is much much more than simply a bet tracker. Not only does it record and keep track of all your bets but it also calculates your bet results and next stakes. Compare 17 back staking plans, 11 lay staking plans and 2 Each Way Staking Plam alongside each other. See instantly which staking plan will make you the most money long term. See how much money you could have made and will soon be making!
1) - 17 Back Staking Plans - Level, 1326, D alembert, Fibonacci, Percentage, Parlay, Pro, Secure, Fixed, Kelly, Square Root, Labouchere, Retirement, Bookies Bank, XYZ, Up X Down Y, and L.P.28. Each setting in every staking plan can be changed.
2) - 11 Lay Staking Plans - Includes Level Stakes, Fixed Liability, Mixed,Percentage Liability, Lay Percentage, Maria, Lay Ladder, Lay Kelly, Lay 1-4, Lay HiPro86 SP4 and Percentage Recovery.
3) - Add Filters - Ability to filter your bets into split betting banks, back and lay bets, odds ranges, type of sports and virtually anything else you can think of.
4) - Advanced Random Bet Data Generator - Generate up to 4000 bet results of different odds based on your set criteria in an instant. This feature is even available in the trial version
5) - Automatic Updates - 1 year of free updates.
6) - Advised Next Stake - shown for all staking plans. You do no calculations! The software does everything!
7) - Graph Feature - View your results in graph format. Print and save your graphs.
8) - In depth analysis of each Staking Plans results when used with your bets.
9) - The ability to calculate optimum system settings based on either return oninvestment or total profit. Loop through all staking plan settings in seconds.
10) - Several ways to input data. Enter your bets manually or copy/paste them from Microsoft Excel. Import and Export CSV or TEXT files.

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