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The Staking Machine 4.0

The Staking Machine or TSM for short, is a professional sports betting tool
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The Staking Machine or TSM for short, is a professional sports betting tool. It is a cutting edge, bet tracking and system analysis tool. TSM shows you at a glance which staking plan would be best suited to your chosen selection method. TSM could well be the most important piece of betting software you ever purchase.

Did you know that similar betting software tools exist in the index and share trading world that can cost £200 upwards? TSM has been developed from the ground up to be more than simply a betting calculator. When you see what TSM can do we hope you will quite simply be astonished. Its a piece of betting software that has been designed to give the investor all the sports betting software tools he would ever need in one amazing package.
How can you use this software ?

- You can input your bets from your own selection method, or from multiple systems, on a daily basis, so that it keeps a record of your entire betting business in one handy place.
- You can import all of your past betting data into it, or you can import the past results from any tipster service or betting system, and then see at a glance how to improve the performance.
- Using a special browser built into the software, import past selections from any tipster that proofs on You can also access all the data at

To assist in your sports betting analysis - many statistics and features have been programmed into the software. Some of these features you would normally only find on sports betting software 5 times the cost of TSM. Once you have added your data into TSM its as easy as clicking a few buttons to run sophisticated reports that show you the ROI, profit, drawdown and sequences of wins and losses. Plus there’s even a confidence test for each staking plan, so you’ll know for sure how well your selection methods or systems are likely to perform in the future.

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